Collaborative Teaching Resources

As part of the Summer Institute, participants will be collaboratively developing resources for teaching Asian American Studies. These materials will be publicly accessible via Google Drive at the following link: (participants need to be logged in to Google Drive to view protected content)

The resources are organized as follows. Individual items are linked to their location on Google Drive:

  • 1-Textsbooks, films, poetry, articles, etc.
    • 1-Texts_Index: sortable/searchable list of texts suitable for teaching. All items added within the annotated bibliographies should be listed here as well.
    • Annotated Bibliographies: detailed information about specific texts, curated reading lists, etc.
  • 2-CommunityResourcesnonprofit organizations, community groups, government agencies, programs, facilities, historical sites, etc.
    • 1-CommResources_Index: sortable/searchable list of resources for guest speakers, field trips, and student referrals
  • 3-TeachingMaterials: syllabi, classroom activities/exercises, lesson plans, assignments, assessment plans, other things that don’t fit elsewhere
    • 1-TeachingMaterials_Index: sortable/searchable list of materials. All items added to the folders should be indexed here as well.
    • Assignments: descriptions, guidelines, outlines, materials, etc. for individual assignments
    • Lessons: whole lesson/unit plans for teaching Asian American Studies concepts, topics, etc.
    • Miscellaneous: additional materials that don’t fit anywhere else
    • Syllabi: full or partial syllabi for teaching Asian American Studies courses or incorporating Asian American Studies concepts within a course
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