Chaumtoli Huq

Chaumtoli Huq

Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Law@theMargins

Chaumtoli Huq founded Law@theMargins in 2013 and serves as its Editor-In-Chief. Law@theMargins is a law and media advocacy organization highlighting issues of law and social justice.  Chaumtoli’s expertise lies in labor and employment, immigrant workers, and human rights.

From August 2014 to June 2015, she was a Senior Researcher with the American Institute for Bangladesh Studies (AIBS) based in Dhaka, Bangladesh where she examined the labor rights of garment workers.  She produced a short documentary based on her work called Sramik Awaaz: Workers Voices.  She has also focused on Bangladeshi women organizers in New York in a documentary project called Naree Shongothok (Womxn Organizers). Through her work, she is interested in building transnational grassroots links between South Asian workers in South Asia and the diaspora.

Professor Huq was an Associate Professor of Law at New York Law School where she taught Legal Practice and an adjunct professor at City College of New York and Rutgers University, where she taught Immigrant Workers Rights, Employment Law, and Asian Americans and the Law.

For more than 15 years, Chaumtoli devoted her career to the public interest, serving as Director of the first South Asian Workers’ Rights Project in the country at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and as the first staff attorney to the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, a multi-ethnic, immigrant, worker-led labor organization of taxi-drivers.

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